Education institutions and their respective challenges are distinctive. Thus, SwailLandis will build a customized proposal to meet your specific needs. Here are some considerations in how we price out projects.

Base Pricing

Please note that SwailLandis charges a fixed retainer fee for all projects with payments throughout the life of the project. This becomes a foundation for all SwailLandis work. The total customized pricing for the project depends largely on the duration of the effort plus the burden of effort over this period.


SwailLandis Associates are varied in their experience, knowledge, and skillsets. This helps us meet many of the needs of institutions, regardless of type or sector. The seniority of our Associates does have a determination of the cost, with more senior and experienced associates having a higher charge than other Associates. This may be a consideration in your project budget and scope.


SwailLandis has several tools that can be used by institutions, or by SwailLandis on a particular project. The cost of the tools is determined by the project scope.

Travel Time

Travel time to and from a site is charged per our Associate’s daily rates. Please keep in mind that a one-day site visit is often 2-2.5 days of time for each Associate due to travel.

SwailLandis assesses an eight percent charge to cover administrative, research and communications expenses including online and print research subscriptions, telephone, courier, report preparation, and related expensives.

Contact us for further information on what SwailLandis can do for you.