SwailLandis partners with firms around the US and Canada in an effort to provide the best level of service to institutions. Current SwailLandis partners include:



The Higher Education Innovation Group (HEIG) builds on the values of the past to make colleges and universities the touchstones of the future. Our partners bring a wealth of experience in the leadership of universities and colleges for institutions and administrators who can benefit from our immersive approaches to building strong teams, expanding assets, and crafting long-term strategic goals.



Boyle Public Affairs is a Washington, DC public relations group that works with a variety of clients, including colleges and universities. Boyle can help you evaluate your public affairs and public relations challenges and to identify who you need to engage in conversation — where, when and how. Then, we help you to tailor the right high-impact messages to get the results you need.



Cohl Group works to advance educational institutions and nonprofit organizations through research, strategy, and design. We are listeners, leaders, poets and picture-takers; artists, activists, educators, and engineers. Regardless of discipline, we share a common ethos: an immense love of learning — and a sincere devotion to help our clients maximize their good works. Cohl Group conducts brand identity and awareness, design, and content review. 



EMAS PRO helps professionals in higher education build strong and lasting relationships with their students by providing state of the art CRM software solutions, managed services and consulting. The EMAS Pro suite of solutions offers a complete package of advanced communications management and statistical analysis capabilities to help colleges and universities strategically and successfully recruit students to enroll, to completion and for a lifetime.