EMPLOYMENT: Professor Emeritis, University of Texas, San Antonio; Professor of Higher Education and Co-Director, Center for Research and Policy in Education; Professor of Educational Psychology and Director, National Center for Student Success, University of Houston; Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of ILlinois at Chicago.

EXPERTISE: Diversity, equity, and Inclusion programming and evaluation; education policy; student success; statistical analysis.

AMAURY NORA is a Professor Emeritis at the University of Texas, San Antonio, where he served a professor and co-director of the Center for Research and Policy in Education since 2009. His research has focused on theoretical perspectives related to student persistence, the role of college on diverse student populations across different types of institutions, and the development of retention models that integrate economic theories and psychosocial perspectives within college persistence frameworks. He has published extensively about minority and non-minority student enrollment, the academic and social experiences of students, and degree attainment leading to the development of a student engagement model. Dr. Nora previously served as editor of The Review of Higher Education and was inducted into the Class of 2009 as an AERA Fellow for his scholarship in the field of higher education.