Higher education is ultimately a numbers game. Having an understanding of the enrollment patterns of your institution and its competitors is critical to crafting student cohorts that meet the institutional mission and financial wherewithal to meet your goals and objectives.

SwailLandis and its parent company, the Educational Policy Institute, has worked with hundreds of institutions over the years at our Retention 101 workshops and annual conferences. Our experts have decades of experience at the institutional level.

Take an opportunity to read some of our books on SEM and related areas. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to help steer you in the right direction.

A Practical Guide to Strategic Enrollment Management Planning in Higher Education

A Clear and Present Danger to Institutional and Student Success: A Training Model for Embedding Student Loan Default Aversion within Strategic Enrollment Management

The State of Academic Customer Service on U.S. Campuses

Engaging Faculty and Staff: An Imperative for Fostering Retention, Advising, and Smart Borrowing

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