Student Success is ultimately about institutions that understand the nexus between students, staff, and faculty. SwailLandis works with institutional leadership and practitioners to study current policies and practices and help them evolve to better meet the needs of students. SwailLandis solutions include Strategic Planning, Brand Positioning and Marketing, Predictive Analytics, Enrollment Management, Data Management and Warehousing, Research and Evaluation, and Professional Development and Training.

Strategic Planning

Planning is everything. An institution of higher education that wishes to drive more students to graduation only does so with well-crafted and well-informed plans.
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Predictive Analytics

The key to understanding student success at your institution resides in the historical data at your disposal. Trends in enrollment, academic achievement, and degree completion ultimately tell the story of how students progress and depart from your institution. Continue reading “Predictive Analytics”

Enrollment Management

Higher education is ultimately a numbers game. Having an understanding of the enrollment patterns of your institution and its competitors is critical to crafting student cohorts that meet the institutional mission and financial wherewithal to meet your goals and objectives.
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Data Management & Warehousing

SwailLandis and the Educational Policy Institute have worked with many schools, colleges, and even the US Department of Education creating large-scale, relational databases over the past 15 years.
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Research & Evaluation

All institutions have research and evaluation needs. At SwailLandis, we can work with you to create plans for externally-funded projects that require high-level evaluation plans.
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